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The added value of our services...

NHKB is a national kitchen cabinet retailer.  We cover design, sales, and installations of kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities.  Aside from cabinet and vanity sales, we also provide cabinet hardware, countertops, and other accessories.  We know that customers don't want to have to go from retailer to retailer, then find an contractor, so we made it easy.  With NHKB, you can feel assured that everything is handled in house.


Our capabilities start with employing the best resources in the industry.  Our design professionals are highly experienced in kitchen and bath designs.  Our cabinet sales personnel are thorough in educating the customer on all the cabinet lines that we provide.  Our kitchen cabinet installers are some of the best tradesmen in the industry.

NHKB is easy to contact via phone, email, or social media messaging.  We believe in building and growing upon our customer relationships by offering top notch customer service.  That is why we are here to serve you and answer any questions that you may have.  Give us a call to schedule a site visit, or to make a showroom appointment

Kitchen Design & Layout

Our knowledgeable design team will work with you in designing the most elegant, functional, and cost effective kitchen or bath that your space will allow.  Whether its a contemporary, shaker style, traditional, victorian, colonial, or country style kitchen, our design software allows you to see a 3D rendering of what your kitchen and space will look like once complete.  

Cabinet Installation

We understand the arduous task of a kitchen remodel.  NHKB can provide you with the installation of our cabinets at an additional cost.  Our experienced project manager will develop a detailed installation plan, a work schedule, and manage the installation of your kitchen.  We often work with other trades in coordinating the installation of your newly purchased cabinets.

The process of designing and purchasing your kitchen will involve product knowledge and visualization.  We will educate you on the different styles and manufacturers that we work with in providing you with cabinets.  By visiting our showroom, you will get an idea of the finishes, joinery, and construction of each kitchen cabinet line we carry.  

Choosing Cabinets

Finding Us

There are basically two requirements, in design, that we try to balance.  The first is, how do we create a space that is wonderful to look at and experience.  The second, is how do we create a space that is functional and a pleasure to work in.  In any form of architecture and design, there has to be an equal balance between form and function.  Thankfully, with the wide array of cabinets available to us through the lines that we carry, we have the freedom to conjure up any type of style.  Different finishes and styles, whether its stains, paints, or laminates, allow us to work in any realm of design.  We will make your kitchen into something that is a delight to work in.

With all the different manufacturers and styles out there, it's very easy for the average homeowner to get overwhelmed and confused over the difference between types.  Basically it all comes down to two types:  face frame and frameless.  Each type has characteristics that greatly affect the form and function of the kitchen.  

Face frame cabinets, in the past, have been one of the most popular type of kitchen cabinet throughout North America.  The face frame cabinets are constructed by attaching a framework of solid wood to the front of the cabinet box.  Doors and drawers are then mounted in one of three ways: inset, lipped, or overlay.  Recently the full overlay door has gained more popularity over the standard overlay door, and is used to give a cleaner appearance to the design.  Inset gives the design an elegant appearance.  In an inset design, the face of the doors and drawers are flush with the face frame.  The cabinets must be very well constructed because this type of design allows for a low tolerance in movement and seasonal expansions.  Lipped cabinets allow for part of the face frame to show by notching the backside of the doors and drawers to partially cover the face frame.

Frameless cabinets are very simple in design.  In a frameless construction, there is no face frame over the box.  In other words, the doors and drawers make direct contact with the box when closed. The exposed edge of the box has a finish around the entire box.  The doors align tightly together, creating a clean, flowing line of casework.  Storage space is increased in frameless construction by being able to have deeper drawers and cabinet space due to the lack of the faceframe.  Cleaning the insides of the cabinets also becomes easier in the frameless construction.

The differences between the two types of construction is subtle to the average consumer, but it does affect the design, price, and functionality of each kitchen.  That is why we take the time to listen to our clients needs and present the options for their design.

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